Beach bags

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Beach bags

This month the temperatures will rise and what better than to spend your day at the beach? So much better than a day in your garden, your balcony or office!

A day at the beach takes quite the preparation when it comes to packing your bag. What do you take with you to the beach? Are you simply going to lounge?  Or are you going for a full day of sun tanning and wave diving? What  you should bring in that case is at least a bikini or swimsuit, beach towel, sun screen lotion, flip flops and warm(er) clothes for later in the day. 


Beach bag parrot
Beach bag Parrot € 34,95


A spacious bag with a unique print

A spacious beach bag is therefore very welcome for a day at the beach. Certainly one that also looks super hot! The beach bag is characterised by being a spacious bag with eye-catching elements. The prints on our beach bags are first of all very cheerful in colour. Second of all, the prints on the bags are BULAGGI owned and therefore unique. 


Take the beach bag Ariel series for example. These bags all have totally different prints and colour tones varying from the under water world to a rich floral print and a colourful African print. 

Or the beach bag series called Bess, in which both bags have their own unique print with decorative sequinces which gives the bag its finishing touch.  


Shopper Bess

Shopper Bess

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Wearable over the shoulder

All of BULAGGI's beach bags are wearable over the shoulder. The beach bags with a short strap have an extra shoulder strap that can be worn over the shoulder. Of course the shoulder strap is matchy matchy so it will perfectly match the rest of the beach bag. 

Binnenkant beach bag ritsvakje


All beach bags have an inner pocket with a zipper and in almost all cases the beach bag itself can be closed with a zipper.  


Are you less of a fan of a very visual print, but do you still like large shopping bags? In that case the Sunny shopping bag is the perfect bag for you! This bag is available in two colour options: a black/white variant and a pastel colours variant. 

Shopper Sunny multikleur beach bag
Shopping bag Sunny € 64,95  € 45,47


Free glasses with each beach bag this month! 

This month you will receive free sun glasses with each beach bag in our online store. 
You don't have to do anything in the online check out process. The sunglasses will be added to your order automatically by us. In case you have second thoughts on your recent purchase and you would like to return your beach bag, please don't forget to also return your free shades. 


Free sunglasses with each bag