Bulaggi's summer collection: Love for colourful memories

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  • By Elise Menkveld
Bulaggi's summer collection: Love for colourful memories

Bulaggi launches its spring / summer collection with love for colourful memories. On the catwalk in Milan we have seen the colours fuchsia pink, coral red, yellow, orange and green. Guess what? All these colours can be found back in our bag collection.

Thé colour of 2019: Living Coral

The colour of 2019 which has been announced by the Pantone Color Institute is : Living Coral. A beautiful warm coral colour which you can find in our bag collection as well.coral red

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Love for colourful experiences

Powder pastels that remind you of your loving childhood memories to warm worldly tones that bring you back to the here and now. Next fall/summer Bulaggi presents a collection with love for colourful memories and experiences. You will see lots of natural prints, braiding’s and embossment inspired by handmade structures. And an inspiring interaction between soft, contrasting and earthy tones.

Bulaggi’s love for colourful experiences shows in her three themes; Layering Lights, Eccentric and Earthiness. In their own way the three themes are modern and distinct, holding the for Bulaggi characteristic style elements, such as special frills and a detailed eye for comfort. Also for this collection of bags and clutches Bulaggi designed her own prints.

Layering Lights

This playful theme is a sincere memory of the girl in the candy shop. A show between powder and innovative pastels. With this Bulaggi creates a playful illusion between style, femininity and a touch of glamour.


Layering lights thema bulaggi




Full of energy and joy of life, this theme celebrates life. Enjoying the here and now with a wink to the future. Inspired by modern art, led lights and games. A theme with bold colours in combination with accessible black and white.


eccentric thema bulaggi




Worldly tones that keep you grounded. A theme close to nature with an exciting combination of deep earthy tones and natural handmade structures such as braidings and embroideries.


earthiness thema bulaggi