An ode to the hobo bag!

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  • By Elise Menkveld
An ode to the hobo bag!

In this blog an ode is given to the hobo bag. But what is an hobo bag anyway?

What is a hobo bag?

A hobo bag is a spacous, crescent-shaped shoulder bag with a wide handle that hangs loosely over the shoulder. Since hobo bags usually have soft bodies, a characteristic curve shows between the two ends o the strap. 


Fun fact

Ever wondered why we call this type of bag, a hobo bag? This is because it resembles the shape of the bindle on a stick that hobos are portrayed as carrying over their shoulder in cartoons and books. 


The benefits of a hobo bag ♥

One of the benefits of a hobo bag is that it is usallly a very spacious bag. You can bring all your essentials with you without having to worry that you cannot close the zipper anymore. Have a look at one of Bulaggi's hobo bags and see for yourself how much you can easily carry with you. 

* books
* make-up bag
* purse
* mobile phone
* keys
* tissues
* hand creme
* hair brush


hobo tas inhoud


As this particular hobo bag has two seperate compartments, you can easily carry with you anything you want. This hobo bag is available in different colours and all of them have a different contrasting colour detail on the B-hanger. 

This bag is not only a great bag because of the spacious compartments, but also because of the look of this hobo bag! This bag will give you that extra touch to your outfit. 

A hobo bag perfectly matches with a casual outfit like sneakers, jeans, white blouse (possbily a jacket) and a hobo bag which is carried loosely over the shoulder. 


A selection from our collection ♥

hobo schoudertas emmely

Hobo shoulderbag Sabrina dark blue


hobo schoudertas sky

Hobo shoulderbag Sky peach colour


hobo schoudertas hope

Hobo shoulderbag Hope khaki green


hobo schoudertas evelyn

Hobo shoulderbag Evelyn white

hobo schoudertas Emmely

Hobo shoulderbag Emmely cognac colour


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To measure is to know

Hobo bags come in different sizes. Please have a good look at the sizes of your new favourite hobo bag in our webshop. We wouldn't want to dissapoint you in the size of the bag. 

Have fun, finding your new perfect hobo friend!