The ideal bag for the holidays

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  • By Elise Menkveld
The ideal bag for the holidays

In this blog you will read which bags meet the Christmas and NYE requirments. The latest fashion trends will be shared and we will share a few beautiful, elegant and festive bag suggestions with you.


Christmas dinner bag

It is most likely that you will enjoy a multi-course Christmas dinner again this year. Naturally, you would like to have your essentials within reach on the table. Therefore it is not a good idea to bring your shopping bag XL to the Christmas dinner and park it under the table or drop it in a corner of the house (or restaurant).

A clutch bag is your friend this Christmas. A stylish clutch bag can be put easily on a Christmas dinner table. This way you will have your lipstick within reach. Your clutch bag can also be used with a strap which can be hung over your chair. Naturally this also goes for cross over bags. 

Whichever model you will choose : your bag may shine this Christmas so go for glitter, sequins & glamour. Our clutch / crossbody bag Joy is full with glitters and available in the colours black, blue and white. Do you prefer sequins? In that case our clutch bag Ella is perfect for you. This clutch bag is a multi colour rainbow bag and therefore matches each and every outfit this holiday season. 


Another trend this year is the metallic look which is seen in clothes and acccesories. If you skip the metallic look in your clothes this year, but you would like to give an extra modern touch to your outfit go for the clutch bag Melody. (see photo) Unfortunately we only have the dark blue version available for you. But the good news is: it's on SALE! So grab your chance now. 


 christmas bag

christmas bag 2


The New Years Eve bag

It depends on how you plan your new years eve and which bag goes well with the setting. 
Are you going a night out? In that case the cross over bag will be the best choice. Having a drink in one hand and a bag in the other one doesn’t always work out well in the club. With a cross over bag you can dance the night away hands-free and care-free.

Are you planning on a night at home or at your friends’ house? In this case you can choose whatever bag you prefer based on the colour and print instead of a more practical point-of-view. You can choose from a clutch bag, hand bag or shoulder bag. See below (photo) our shiny crossbody bag Chelsey available in dark blue, copper and red. 




If you have a specific bag colour in mind:  please use our Holiday party bag page where you can find your bag by colour. 



The January 1st bag

Once the holidays are over and it is Monday January 1st, you will (hopefully) have a day off. On January 1st all written rules on outfits and etiquettes have faded. Today is matter of recovering and enjoying your day as much as you can. Are you leaving the house today? Make sure you bring a spacious bag like our hobo shoulder bag Alice. This way, you can carry at least a bottle of water. Afterall, you’ve got to stay hydrated today ;)


jan 1