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About us

Desire within reach

BULAGGI’s aim is to celebrate all the unique characteristics of a woman with a bag that’s always the perfect match. At a time when an outfit is not just a look, but is part of your identity, we think it’s essential that this identity can be fully achieved. BULAGGI understands what women want, and offers a range of affordable, on-trend, high-quality bags with sumptuous extras to suit any occasion: desire within reach.

BULAGGI bags are characterised by the perfect balance between functionality and design. Luxurious extras and multiple details ensure an unrivalled richness for all the bags, something often described as the typical 'BULAGGI feel'. Our bags are free from animal testing and animal materials.

A family-owned business celebrating 50 years 

Bulaggi was founded on the 30th of May, 1969, by Wim and Trix Walraven. The couple set up and ran the business from their modest apartment in Hilversum. In the 50 years since then Bulaggi has grown into the respected family-owned business that it is today, and Annemarieke Schouten-Walraven has been at the helm of the company since 2017. Bulaggi’s head office and showroom are still domiciled in Hilversum, and it is from there that Annemarieke and her close-knit team serve the whole of the European market.

"I am immensely proud of where we are today with the Bulaggi brand. Obviously, I have watched the business grow and flourish since I was a child, and I have Bulaggi in my DNA. Together with my team I am building on a brand that is going to continue to make the life of our female fans colourful for the next 50 years too. And who knows, one of my own daughters may be at the helm of the company one day".

Annemarieke Schouten-Walraven, Bulaggi owner and designer.

Annemarieke Schouten - Walraven